1.  Our society meets every Monday evening at 7:00 PM The Meeting lasts no longer than an hour and a half. Those who wish to join our Purgatorial Society have to sign our membership book and promise (but not under pain of sin) that they will recite two rosaries a week and have two Masses a year celebrated for the Holy Souls. Although it is not an absolute necessity for a member to be present at our meetings, nevertheless being present will greatly add to the relief of the souls who are remembered. Some members cannot attend the meetings due to infirmities or other commitments, that's okay, as long as they fulfill the other requirements of the membership i.e., they must recite at least two rosaries a week for the holy souls and have two Masses a year celebrated for them. 

2.   The meeting commences with the celebration of Mass I will celebrate the Mass of the dead, wearing black vestments but, only if it is not an obligatory feast day.

3. Weekly Mass and Benediction for the Souls in Purgatory.

  • The first Monday of the Month the Mass is celebrated for deceased parents and grandparents of our members.

  • The second Monday of the month is celebrated for whoever of the dead the members want to be remembered.

  • The third Monday of the month is celebrated for deceased Bishops, priests, deacons and religious nuns and brothers.

  • The fourth Monday of the month is celebrated for all the souls in Purgatory.

  • The fifth Monday, (every three months there are five Mondays in the month) it is celebrated again for the deceased parents and grandparents of the members.

  • The last FRIDAY of the month the Mass is celebrated for relatives, friends and Benefactors.

4.  Before the final blessing of the Mass we recite together the "Litany for the Holy Souls."

5.  Immediately after the Mass, if I am wearing black vestments I will change into white ones, and commence to expose the Blessed Sacrament for exposition singing, O Saving Victim.

6. Immediately afterwards I approach the podium and lead the recitation of the Angelus, the Purgatorial Society Pledge followed by the rosary, usually we recite the sorrowful mysteries.

7.  After the recitation of the rosary I will give about a five minute talk on Purgatory. My talk is serious but also light hearted. I am afraid I joke quite a bit in my five minute presentation. It is all unintentional, I never intent to have them smiling or laughing during my talk but it always seems to happen. I think the reason for that is that our Lord doesn't want me to give constant morbid talks on the pains of purgatory, after a while that can mentally drag everybody down. Yes, the pains are severe but there is also tremendous peace in Purgatory.

8.  After my short presentation we sing a hymn to Mary (most of the hymns we sing to Mary, being Queen of the souls in Purgatory it's understandable) then one of our members will approach the podium and lead us in the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


9.  Following the Chaplet we have benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in which we sing Tantum Ergo.

10.  I have a large picture in front the altar of a priest celebrating Mass for the souls in Purgatory with a donation basket nearby.

11. Rarely do I encourage anyone to donate money for offerings to be made for the celebration of Masses for the Poor Souls, but our members always give generously for that cause.

12.  At the end of the month we usually end up with $400 to $500 dollars that we send to the missions for the celebration of $10 stipend Masses for the souls in Purgatory. Thus in doing so we help missionaries as well as the poor souls. To date we have about three thousand Masses celebrated for the Holy Souls.


13.  We take a ten dollar stipend from our members who want to donate a Mass for a particular Monday. Those collected stipends we add to the total donations at the end of the month for the missions. In other words, the stipend that we receive Monday is used again for Masses to be celebrated in mission countries.


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