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Thank you for your interest in saving our parish church and community! St. Joseph Church/Bread of Life was founded in 1867 and we are in our 156 year! They want to make us a secondary missionary Church to another parish, and we are asking our Bishop respectfully to keep us as a stand-alone parish or to make us a shrine dedicated to St. Joseph of the Bread of life.  We need your help. If we have ministered to you we ask you to write a respectful, loving letter to our Bishop and ask him to keep us as a stand-alone parish or Shrine. His address is:


Bishop Lawrence Persico 

Bishop of Erie 

429 East Grandview Blvd

PO BOX 10397

Erie, PA 16514

Please share with him how we have ministered to you and how your life would be affected by the loss of our community. Please be KIND and RESPECTFUL. Thank you!

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