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Where we make Disciples of Jesus Christ and keep them!

"We walk with Jesus, learn from Him, follow Him,
imitate Him, focus on Him and stay with Him!"

-H.I.S Disciple Tim Rydberg
Director of SJBOLYM


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SJBOLYM has SO MUCH for you!

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This song!

Give it a listen! 
Then give it some thought!

Then go and do it!

Join us at 7PM Youth Mass! (all ages welcome!)

This Sundays mass, on January 17th, Year of our Lord 2021,

we will celebrate the second Sunday in ordinary time.

Cancellations and Announcements

All weather related cancellations will be posted at 5PM the day of event.

Attention all Youth! 

Hello!  Peace of Jesus to you!

I'm very excited to announce that we will once again be offering both in person and virtual attendance options for SJBOLYM.  Beginning this Monday for the Chosen and Tuesday for Edge, you can either come to the gym or participate online as you have been. Both options are acceptable, masks are REQUIRED if you attend in person.  So whether on zoom or in person, see you soon!

For more details about your age group check out the Edge to Chosen to The 12 page!

In everything, walk with Jesus!
Learn from Him, follow Him, imitate Him, focus on Him and stay with Him.

H.I.S Disciple Timothy Rydberg

Director of SJBOLYM

Youth Check out our Full

 Youth Ministry Calendar!

Light Blue dot = The 12 = 12th Graders.

Red dot = The Chosen = 9th-12 grade.

Green dot = Edge = 6th-8th grade.

Darker Blue dot = Media or All ages event.


Youth must be the correct age to attend an event. NOTICE! You don't have to be affiliated with St. Joes or registered to recieve credit for Religious Ed. to attend.   We want you to know God's love for you! Come and see!

For more Information or questions about anything with youth ministry just call Tim Rydberg at  814-452-2982 Or email him  timrydberg@stjoesbol.org

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