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There is a place for YOU here at St. Joseph Church/Bread of Life.

Please Come Home!

"All will know that you are My disciples because you love one another"

(John 13:35)


The deepest need in everyone's heart is to be loved. That's it. Only Jesus Christ can fill this need in your heart, and we want to help fill your heart here at our parish! We are not a perfect parish but we want you to know that you are welcome to come home to Your Father's House. Everyone is welcome in our Father's House - come home!

Three Important things to Us:

Jesus Christ
The Poor

What you did for the least
of these you did to Me.
" Matthew 25

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Child Protection

The main safeguards required by the Policy for the Protection of Children are:

  • the screening of employees and volunteers

  • the training of employees, volunteers, parents and youth with regard to safe-environment practices and awareness of signs of child abuse

  • the reporting of suspected child abuse in compliance with the Child Protective Services Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

These safeguards are intended to assist employees and volunteers in their responsibility to provide children with the greatest care. The Diocese of Erie is committed to the application of these safeguards, including full compliance with state regulations.

All employees and volunteers commit themselves to following the Code of Conduct that can be found in the Policy.

Annual safe environment training:

All parishes and schools are mandated by the Bishops of the United States to provide Safe Environment Training to all youth and parents annually. All youth in the Religious Education Program will receive this training sometime during the catechetical year.  If you do not want your child/children to participate in the safe environment training, please contact the Religious Education office in writing.

Parent material provided by the diocese.

Important links

Reporting abuse: 

Any person may make a report of child abuse if they suspect a child is being or was abused.

Reporting procedures for Mandated reporters employed or volunteering in any parish, school, agency or institution in the Diocese of Erie

Report past abuse

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