Over 150 Baskets!!!!!!


Basket #1 - Family Game Night

"Popcorn Maker, Popcorn bowls

Popcorn, Family Game"


Basket #2 - A Spot of Tea      

Ceramic Tea pot, tea cups and saucers, Tea, Cookies, Cutting Boars, Daily quote calendar


Basket #3 - Jack's Man Cave 

Jack pint glasses, bar fruit tray, flask, bag, Bar game?


Basket #4 - Wedding 

"Crucifix, frame, champagne glasses,


Basket #5 -  Engagement Encounter

gift Cert $200, love sign"


Basket #6 - Men's Athletics   

Gym Bag, clothes, water bottle, ear buds, arm band, gaterade

Laundro-matic laundry basket, Hangers, laundry soap, towels


Basket #7 - Halloween Party 

Cookie pan, Candy, halloween dishes, frosting, cake, cookie cutters, glo sitcks, window clings, jack-o-lantern plates


Basket #8 - Pie Making

Rapid Peeler, Pie divider, pie cookbook, pie plates, brownie pan, flour,


Basket #9 - Be a Man (or Woman) Tool Bucket       

Bucket with tools and items in it


Basket #10 - Christmas Trio  

Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf plush decor


Basket #11 - Sail Away Dish Set      

Sail Away Dish Set


Basket #12 - Little Girl's Bedroom   

purple comforter, white fluffy pillow, rise and shine wall hanging, Lamp, candle


Basket #13 - Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond         

Pioneer Woman Kitchen Items


Basket #14 - Joanna Gaines   

Joanna Gaines decor items


Basket #15 - Cleaning God's House  

Laundry basket, cleaning supplies, swiffer,


Basket #16 - Wrap it Up

Wrapping Paper and holder


Basket #17 - Halloween

Halloween items


Basket #18 - Thanksgiving    



Basket #19 - Christmas Train

Christmas Train


Basket #20 - Christmas Wrapper

Tall Wooden Santa, Christmas Wrap, gift boxes, Bows,garland,


Basket #21 - Christmas outdoor

Light Up Nativity


Basket #22 - King and Queen of the Kitchen

Kitchen tools, Knife sharpener, Knives, Egg

Cooker, Brownie Pop mold, tote, Olive Oil Sprayer, Cook book


Basket #23 - Three Cheers for the Red, White, Blue

place mats, lawn darts, holiday bunting, flag, serving dishes, volleyball, T-shirt, lights, paper plates, in a large tote


Basket #24 - Easter Egg Hunt

Bunny, Easter Eggs, Baskets, Sign decor, stuffed bunny


Basket #25 - It's a Girl Crib Set

Crib bumper, blanket and sheets, mobile


Basket #26 - Day at the Beach

Beach Tent, Beach sand glasses, shovel, sand toys, blankets, kite, sunscreen


Basket #27 - Scarecrow Décor

Scarecrows on sitcks, door bell hanger, fall centerpiece, fall try, doormat, mugs,


Basket #28 - purple people eaters      

purple stuff


Basket #29 - School Time Supplies

Backpack filled with school supplies


Basket #30 - Snowy Time Soup

Snowman soup serving bowl, soups, utensils, cookbook, placemats, candles, decor


Basket #31 - Snowman décor

Snowmen figurines, snowmen figurines glass, light up tree topper, christmas lights, pontsettia placemats, hands soap, napkins, Christmas cards


Basket #32 - Home Work Zone 

Oscillating Multitool, Dymo Tape label maker, basic screws and hangers, container, books about hacks


Basket #33 - How does your Garden Grow? 

Garden Bucket, butterfly house, garden kneeler, garden frog, stepping stone, Seeds


Basket #34 - Lobsta Bake 

Lobster plates, tools, bibs, crab plates


Basket #35 - "Reversible Handmade purse Quilted items??"

Reversible handmade purse, Quilted items


Basket #36 - Warm and Cozy Holiday 

Merry Christmas Sheet Set, Coffee Mugs, Christmassy Comforter, mugs, hot cocoa

Basket #37 - Let Them Eat Cake

Cake Plate, mixing bowl, Oven mit, hand towel, spoon, measuring cups, cake mix


Basket #38 - Muffins and Cupcake   

Muffin Tin and cookbook, Blueberry muffin mix


Basket #39 - Yoga Workout

Yoga Mat, ball, bands, Bag


Basket #40 - Nail Salon

Nail book, foot spa, Polish, Files, Clippers,


Basket #41 - Halloween

Bowl and dishes, placemats, candle holder, cookie cutters, cupcake holders, pupkin decorating kit,


Basket #42 - Love in the Air 

Valentine gels, crafts, decor, welcome mat,


Basket #43 - Easter Baking

oven mit, kitchen eutentials, straw bunnies,cookie cutters,cake pan, placemats,cookie pan, Cake mixes


Basket #44 - Wok and Roll

Wok and items to use with it


Basket #45 - groceries

food, kichen items, grab bag


Basket #46 - Sweet Tea

Tea brewing pot, sweet tea glasses


Basket #47 - Chocolate Lovers



Basket #48 - New Apartment

Cloth Napkins, snapware canaster set, Toaster Oven, Kitchen sign, Drink glasses


Basket #49 - Doggone Box

Dog items, picture frame


Basket #50 - Beautiful Christmas Table 

Set of 4 christmas plates, Wine Glasses, Candles


Basket #51 - BBQ Burgers    

Grill pan, skewers, BBQ tools, cookbook, paper products, drink dispenser, candles, condiments


Basket #52 - American Girl Closet   

6 dresses/Voucher for doll


Basket #53 - Dinner while you work!

Mason Jar of Kitchen utensils, towels, Crockpot, Cookbook, welcome to my home sign, Placemats


Basket #54 - Coffee maker

coffee maker, mug stand, coffee, coffee sign,


Basket #55 - Dinner and a Show

BrewErie Gift Certs, Erie Playhouse Tickets


Basket #56 - Fishing Camp

fish pillow, quilt, Fishing Pole, fishing items, fishing reel


Basket #57 - forever free

art, wreath decor , man, july tree, stars napkins.


Basket #58 - Bread and Wine

wine stoppers, wine charms, wine corker


Basket #59 - fishing

pole, signs, Fishing gear


Basket #60 - Steelers basket  

Body pillow, blanket, football, pen and flashlight, socks, Corn Hole, Steering Wheel cover, backpacks, soup bowl


Basket #61 - Man Cave

electronic dart board, jim bean, flask, peanuts


Basket #62 - Thirty-One


Basket #63 - Perfectly Posh


Basket #64 - Kate Spade

"Kate Spade Laurel Way printed handbag Retail Value $239.99

Poshmina scarf"


Basket #65 - Teachers Tower of Supplies

markers, crayons, kleenex, notebooks


Basket #66 - Jr's Last Laugh

tickets, emoji cups, emoji ball


Basket #67 - Feet in the sand

Pink beach chair, Citronella Candles, Flip Flops, Large Beach bag, Sand wine glasses, Water toys, beach toys, Sand Games, Water bottles


Basket #68 - Baby Bag with Style

"Vera Bradley 1 red and black flowers bag diapers, bottles, diapers, baby things, baby food, books"


Basket #69 - Purple matching bags

"Vera Bradley 2, Purple Adult Coloring book

Scark and hat"


Basket #70 - Off to School In Style

"Vera Bradley 3

Polka Dot, Novel, Coffee Cup"


Basket #71 - Vera in Red

"Vera bradley 4 Red purse with umbrella, Books"


Basket #72 - Knitting/chrochet   

book, kneedles, hooks, yarn


Basket #73 - Piano Clutch

chocolate, ornament, clutch


Basket #74 - Italian Kitchen

Italian Food


Basket #75 - Kitchen items

Pasta, paper towels, jello, sandwich bags, strainer, cookie turner, Pampered Chef Slicer, cheese Grater, food, napkins, grocery list


Basket #76 - Blue and Silver Christmas

Blue christmas balls, Candle holder, silver wreath making, wrpping paper, Christmas star, pine decorations


Basket #77 - Walls Coveralls

Coveralls Size 2XL, rake, work gloves, Clamps, hammer, shovels, snow scraper


Basket #78 - St. Francis 

books, st francis statue, fake plants


Basket #79 - bed and bath

hand towels, towels, wash clothes, clock, sheet set, dove soap, hand soap, picture frame, Shower Wrap


Basket #80 - mama's in the kitchen

placemats, cookbooks, pan, good grips glass containers, baster, pancake batter mixer, whisk, Kitchen towels

Basket #81 - friendship is sheltering tree

stepping stone and tree gift Certificate


Basket #82 - spice it up

spice rack, basket of spices, crock pot, crock pot fixings


Basket #83 - Mexican Party

cactus glasses, Table cloth, chip and dip  bowl set, napkins, tray, placemats, chips and marguarita mix


Basket #84 - baby boy stuff 

giraffe stuffie,table set, frame, i will love you to the moon and back, baby food


Basket #85 - happy summer 

pineapple pitcher, cooler, tablecloth, placemats, try, cups, lemonade, candy


Basket #86 - Norwex



Basket #87 - Mums the word



Basket #88 – Oys Bike

20” Razor Black Label Boys bike Retail Value $140 (Unassembled.)


Basket #89 - It's okay to love Erie     

Otters Tickets, BrewErie Gift Cert, sara's gift card, Erie Apparel Shirt


Basket #90 - Vera Bradley Purse and wallet 

Vera Bradley purse and wallet


Basket #91 - Shaving Set 

Harry brand men's shaving items, Shaving bag, bottle of Jim Beam


Basket #92 - Autumn Baking

Baking tins, cake mix, decorations, cookbook,


Basket #93 - Men's Basket


Basket #94 - Women's Basket


Basket #95 - Big Game Bedroom

Steelers Pillows, Black Blanket


Basket #96 - Robert Rogers

Book, CD, Framed Religious print


Basket #97 - Christmas and Wine

Wine, christmas décor


Basket #98 - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving canned food, Table settings,


Basket #99 - Petrone's Pitzelles

Petrone's Pitzelles and other items


Basket #100 - MPS Pride

Mercyhurst Prep fan gear


Basket #101 - Girl's Communion 

Communion Party Items, Rosary,


Basket #102 - Boy's Communion 

Communion Party Items, Rosary,


Basket #103 - Emergency

First Aid Kit, Blood Pressure Monitor, CPR Dummy


Basket #104 - Mary Kay

Mary Kay Skin Care Products


Basket #105 - Brave Lion

Lion Statue


Basket #106 - Mother Mary

Mother Mary Statue, candle, flower


Basket #107 - Hair

Hair products


Basket #108 - St. Francis Statue

St. Francis Statue


Basket #109 - Personal retreat

Bible, journal, diary, Jesus candle, mug, Prayer books


Basket #110 - Irish Essentials

Music, book, Celtic Knot, Wall hanging, Ornaments, T-shirt


Basket #111 - Cookies in the Kitchen

Cookie Press, Cookbook, assortment of cookie cutters, cookie mix, rolling pin, decorations,


Basket #112 - Precious Fall Moments 

Centerpiece, Precious Moments Fall Festival, Cookie Cutters, Hand Soap, Place mats, Fall Framed Art,


Basket #113 - Christmas Cookie Jar

Snowman Cookie Jar, Cookie mixes, Oven MItt, Rolling pin, coasters, Christmas Towels


Basket #114 - Christmas Chocolate Kisses

Chocolate Fondue kit, Melting Chocolate, Christmas mugs, Cookies, Kitche Towels, Oven Mitts,


Basket #115 - Beautiful You Sewing

Gift Certificate for an alteration, handmade zippered pouch, scarf


Basket #116 - Tail Gate Ready

Crocheted blanket (Steelers colors), trail mixes, T-shirt, Fleece Throw, Earrings and Scarf, metal license plate frame, water bottle, two mugs, lunch bags, gloves


Basket #117 - Making Moments & Memories Card Camp   

Gift Cert for a Card Camp, scrapbooking paper, stamps, Thirty-One Crafting carrier, Handmade Cards, Scrapbooking stickers, Craft Scissors,


Basket #118 - No Prob-llama Bath set

Soap Dispenser, Candles, Shower curtain, Towels, Wash clothes, Bathmat


Basket #119 - Espresso Yourself 

Coffee press, Espresso art, coffee, ceramic mugs, biscotti, Kitchen towels


Basket #120 - Color Street Nail Kit  

Color Street Nail Polish Strips, Nail polish remover, Makeup kit bags, coconut oil cream, manicure kit, nail files


Basket #121 - Anytime Baking Kit

whisk, measuring cups, baking mixes, cupcake liners, cupcake decorations, Cookie Cutters, Measuring spoons, loaf pans, Spring Form pan set, cake in a mug


Basket #123 - Your Erie Seawolves

"Four (4) Upper Box Tickets ($40 value)

SeaWolves Bobblehead ($20 value)

SeaWolves Hat ($25 value)"


Basket #124 - Kick Boxing 

50% off Kickboxing, Protein shake bottle, hand straps


Basket #125 - Serendipity 

Candle and bird figurine


Basket #126 - Go Rambler's

Cathedral Prep Gear


Basket #127 - Fall Festival 

2 hardy mums, some Petrone Pizzelles and 2 tickets to St Boniface Fall Festival dinner


Basket #128 - Beer Bottle Fly By

2 six-packs of beer, beer glasses, Gift certificate


Basket #129 - You Pick 6 Beer

6 pack of beer, beer glasses, Girft Certificate, key chain


Basket #130 – Girl’s Bike

"20” Huffy Girls Bike Retail Value $125


Basket #131 - German Culture


Basket #132 - New Year's Holiday Party

Party Items, Photo props,


Basket #133 - Feeling Blessed   

Food Items, Blessed sign, Blessed basket


Basket #134 - Chimney Wreath 

Giant Christmas Wreath


Basket #135 - Patio Party

Outdoor lights, Placemats, Candles, Wind Chime, Plastic Wine glasses.


Basket #136 - Go Victors

Villa Maria Fan Gear


Basket #137 - Chocoholics Dream    

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate


Basket #138 - Fruity Kitchen Fun

Fruit bowls, Melon Pitcher and cups, Tablecloth, Dish scrubber, Kitchen Utensils, Slicers, Cookbook


Basket #139 - Turquoise Kitchen Basics

Toaster, Garbage can, Glass pitcher and glasses set, ice cream bowls, placemats, ice cream scoop, kitchen tools, hand soap


Basket #140 - Breakfast Basics

Waffle Iron, Coffee maker, Fruit bowl, Coffee, mugs, towel set, coffee maker liners


Basket #142 - Wine on the lawn 

Wine on the lawn holder, giant wine glass, wine, wine pourer, wine opener, towel.


Basket #143 - Christmas Morning Coffee

Christmas Coffee pot, Christmas Cards, Christmas decor, handsoap, coffee, serving dish


Basket #144 - Larry's Central Market

Food items


Basket #145 - The Reason for the Season

Santa and Jesus ceramic figurines, Angel and shepherd boy figurines, Candles, tablecloth, placemats, pine garland, christmas cards, Christmas lights


Basket #146 Opa’s Store


Basket #147 Matre Dei Imports


Basket #148 Luminary Distilling


Basket #149 Shadetree Crafts


Basket #150 Creations by Seymour


Basket #151 Mary & Len Straitwell


Basket #152 Larry & Jeannie Nelson


Basket #153 The Rustic Unicorn


Basket #154 Sewing Crafts, etc./ Du North


Basket #155 Pamperd Chef

Basket #156 Soaperie/JewlErie Gemstone Bracelets


Basket #157 The Bavarian Nut Company


Basket #158 One Dog Mom


Basket #159 LithoPA Boutique


Basket #160 St. Joseph Church/Reason for our Hope Foundation


Basket #161 Paul Lorei