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JILLIAN ZACZYK - Fellowship Advisor

The FELLOWSHIP ADVISOR helps the pastor focus on fellowship in the parish. “Baptizing them” (fellowship: identification w/ the body of Christ (Eph 2:19) – the church exists to provide fellowship for believers; baptism is a symbol of salvation AND fellowship)

BILL SMITH - Ministry Advisor

The MINISTRY ADVISOR helps the pastor develop ways to minister effectly to the parish and the neighborhood. “Love your neighbor as yourself” (ministry: the church exists to minister to people (Eph 4:12) – the church is to minister to all kinds of needs: spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical)

T.A. WALKIEWICZ - Evangelization Advisor

The EVANGELIZATION ADVISOR makes sure that the pastor stays focused on the best ways to brings others to Jesus Christ! “Go and make disciples” (evangelism: the church exists to communicate God’s Word (Matt 28:19-20) – The Great Commission is documented in 5 books (4 gospels, Acts), and thus is very important)

STATIA BROWN - Discipleship Advisor

The DISCIPLESHIP ADVISOR is always looking for ways to help our parishioners to become disciples of Jesus Christ! They help the pastor make sure that the parish is doing this effectively. “Teaching them to obey” (discipleship: the church exists to edify/educate God’s people (Col 1:28) – discipleship is the process of helping people become more like Christ in thought, feeling, & action)

STEVE HENDERSON - Financial Advisor

The FINANCIAL ADVISOR helps the pastor to make sure that we use all of our financial resources for the glory of God and to help us best minister to His people. We read in Scripture: “Well done, good and faithful servant” (stewardship: the church exists to use God’s treasures for His Glory (Matthew 25:14-30)

DAN SCHAAF - Properties Advisor

The PROPERTIES ADVISOR helps the pastor in maintenance of the buildings and planning and future restorations of the parish buildings.

MAUREEN (MOE) TRABOLD- Worship Advisor

The WORSHIP ADVISOR helps the pastor focus on the ways that the parish can worship God. “Love the Lord with all your heart” (worship: the church exists to worship God (Matt 4:10) – we should worship because we want to, not out of duty.