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General Information For Perpetual Adoration

We are ALWAYS looking for new people to commit to a one hour block of time to be with our Lord Jesus once a week. PLEASE, pray about spending a committed hour with Him each week. Always ask yourself: "Would I do it for a million dollars?" If you answer "Yes" then why would you not do it for Jesus?  For more information, please email the office at or just call 814-452-2982.


General Information for Each Assigned Adorer

  1. Your commitment to adore is a blessing from the Lord...MAY OUR ADORATION NEVER CEASE!

  2. Each time you adore you MUST sign in. It is important that each hour be covered.  THE EXPOSED BLESSED SACRAMENT MUST NEVER BE LEFT ALONE! (You are the committed Adorer and Guardian of the Eucharist during your hour.)

  3. The procedure to follow when you cannot come to the chapel at your assigned time: Never leave an answering machine message; continue calling until you reach someone.

    • A Master list of Adorers will be available outside the chapel.

    • Contact the person who is assigned to adore at the same hour you are and let them know you are unable to be there.

    • If this fails, you should try to get a substitute. Try calling an Adorer with the same hour but different day. You may find it necessary to switch days for some important reason during the year

    • If you cannot get a substitute, contact your Hourly Captain.

    • If you cannot reach your Hourly Captain, contact your Shift Coordinator.

    • If you cannot reach your Shift Coordinator, contact your Division Leader.

    • If all else fails, contact the Head Coordinators.

  4. You may want to consider increasing your spiritual reading and prayer, especially for:

    • The Church The Pope The Family & the Right to Life

    • Our Country & Its Leaders

    • For Peace

    • The intentions listed in our Book of Intentions

    • Our Priests & Vocations To the Priesthood & Religious Life

    • ...And that which weighs heavily on your heart.

    • Include your petitions in our book located outside the chapel

  5. Encourage others to sign up for Adoration!

Door Code

For security reasons you must be a registered adorer in order to get the code to access the center door to get access to the adoration chapel. Also, you MUST NEVER give the code to someone else not registered!


Guidelines and Rules for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel Conduct

So that all may adore Our Lord without distraction, please consider -

RESPECT for Our Lord is displayed in the following ways:

  • Because the Eucharist is exposed, genuflect on two knees upon entering the Lord's presence.

  • Be mindful of proper, respectful attire.

  • Greet a fellow adorer with a smile or quiet hello if appropriate; then spend your hour in reverent silence.

  • No spontaneous, unscheduled events or sermonizing is allowed.

  • Never eat or drink in the chapel, including chewing gum.

  • No radios, CD or tape players are allowed. If it is necessary to bring a cellular phone, please set it to "vibrate," and take emergency calls outside the chapel.

The following CHAPEL RULES are to be observed by all adorers:

  • Please arrive approximately 5 minutes before your scheduled hour.

  • Please sign in for your hour of adoration at the beginning of your hour. This tells the person leaving that you have arrived and they are free to go.

  • Check the sign-in sheet before you leave to be sure the next person scheduled is in the chapel before you go. If the person assigned to the hour after yours does not show up, and you choose to be the substitute for the next hour, sign in again and put the word "substitute" after your name. This lets the Hourly Captain know an unscheduled absence took place and they can resolve the situation.

  • Spiritual reading material is available outside the chapel.

  • No material or items of any kind may be left in the chapel.

  • A restroom is available outside the chapel.


Between the hours of 4:30PM and 6:00 AM, the chapel will be accessible by using the code to get the code you need to stop in the parish

office and register.

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